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Tarih Kelime Dinle Oylar
18/09/2014 cette - sept [fr] cette - sept telaffuz -1 oy
18/09/2014 cette [fr] cette telaffuz 0 oy
17/09/2014 Mongibeaux [fr] Mongibeaux telaffuz 0 oy
17/09/2014 maire d'Asnières [fr] maire d'Asnières telaffuz 1 oy
16/09/2014 la croix huguenote [fr] la croix huguenote telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 Haesaerts [fr] Haesaerts telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 zasius [fr] zasius telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 Jérôme Guedj [fr] Jérôme Guedj telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 les hommes [fr] les hommes telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 les femmes [fr] les femmes telaffuz 0 oy
16/09/2014 Amédée-Landély Hettich [fr] Amédée-Landély Hettich telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Chérisey [fr] Chérisey telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Benagues [fr] Benagues telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Bendorf [fr] Bendorf telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Lhomoy [fr] Lhomoy telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Igerne [fr] Igerne telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Rouany [fr] Rouany telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Bueil [fr] Bueil telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Doumenc [fr] Doumenc telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Joveaux [fr] Joveaux telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Dormeuil [fr] Dormeuil telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Jouvencel [fr] Jouvencel telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 Legide [fr] Legide telaffuz 0 oy
08/09/2014 peu profond [fr] peu profond telaffuz 0 oy
07/09/2014 l'adresse [fr] l'adresse telaffuz 0 oy
21/08/2014 dessiller [fr] dessiller telaffuz 0 oy
14/08/2014 l'enchaînement d'actions [fr] l'enchaînement d'actions telaffuz 0 oy
14/08/2014 pour commencer [fr] pour commencer telaffuz 0 oy
14/08/2014 pour finir [fr] pour finir telaffuz 0 oy
13/08/2014 bon séjour [fr] bon séjour telaffuz 0 oy
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Kullanıcı bilgisi

Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.

If you wish to improve your French, just pay a visit at the website Bernard12 and myself share by just typing "Froggyspeak" on your browser search bar or have a look at our "Froggyspeak" Facebook page!

Cinsiyet: Erkek

Aksan/ülke: Fransa

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Eklenen kelime: 1.019

Oy: 706 oy

Ziyaret: 184.768

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